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Before going to Cairo, I always had this romantic and naive image of the Nile, the proud river I used to learn about when in primary school. Of course, the first evening out at its bank proved me wrong. 

At least when it comes to Cairo's leg of the river.

Imagine my surprise when I saw that the Nile looks just like ...  any other river! 
I know, right??

I am used to the fact that whenever there's a river in the middle of a city, it's a sort of a cultural center for its people. But the Nile's really alive, litteraly 24/7.

Felluca - a small cruise boat, a local and tourist favourite alike. There are two types - the ones Egyptians use (and pay 2-3 Egyptian pounds), and the ones most tourist go on (about 15 pounds). I took the first one and was the only white girl onboard, which made me quite the attraction. Even more so when the onboard dancer pulled me out to dance with her in the middle of the boat...

The majority of Cairo's population is not too wealthy, to put it nicely, and there's not that much entertainment a regular Joe can afford. Thus, hanging out by the river, having a quick drink from one of the carts (or simply someone with two stools, two glasses and a kettle) and going on a short cruise on board of one of many colourful feluccas, with music and belly dancers (both male and female), is very popular.

It's also a popular spot for weddings!