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After visiting Giza, Ehab decided to take me to the less famous, and thus less crowded, pyramids in Saqqara. 

Some 45 minutes of a drive later, we found ourselves in the desert.  I have to admit  it felt somehow better to see the pyramids in their 'natural habitat' rather than as a part of a huge city.
There's a small museum before you go up to see the pyramids, they also show you a short interesting documentary about the place. It was so nice to escape the heat for a second and find yourself in a cool ACed building!

An intimate moment with the little fella

The structure of Saqqara's pyramids varies a lot from those you can find in Giza.

You can also go inside the ancient tombs. I have to say it took a while for me to register where I was and what I was seeing. It was only after a couple of minutes inside some of the tombs that it hit me - I'm touching history and witnessing art from 4 500 years ago...

Of course I'd seen pictures from the tombs in my history books or on movies. However, I still couldn't help but be surprised at how detailed and precise everything was!