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Delicious food, huge crowds, joyful atmosphere and live music. What more could one ask for?

The first puja I went to, I didn't get to see the beginning of the ceremony so can't really comment on the differences between a Punjabi and a Gujarati wedding.

The first function I went to was baraat. Traditionally the groom arrives on a horse and I was super excited to see that but unfortunately he came in a car instead. It was still fun, though!

Shaadi is the wedding ceremony that took place the next day after mehndi and sangeet

Another attraction of my short stay in Egypt was visiting the capital's citadel. It was cute to see how worried Ehab was when I started climbing its walls. The poor guy almost had a heart attack...


I had a blast!
The evening before the actual marriage everyone gathers to celebrate together during a function called sangeet.

I failed big time. 
Was having too much fun to be clicking away... 

Batur Danau is the widest lake in the island, very nicely located with Mount Batur in the background.
It was one of the main points in the itinenary during my road trip through Bali.

Ehab agreed to take me to a very poor part of the city, what he called 'The garbage city'. 

I came back to Bali after my Lombok trip mainly to go to Ubud and see a show of Balenese dance - Legong. Ubud's known as Bali's cultural center and is described as THE place if you want to experience the traditional arts.

Legong is one of Bali's traditional dances. 
It's been considered royal entertainment ever since it originated in the 19th century. Danced by two rigorously trained adolescent girls, it tells one of the stories from Malat, a collection of heroic romances. 


One of the very few places I visitied on Java while  spending time with my friend Marianka, was Borobudur. It is a 9th century Buddhist monument, decorated with over 500 Buddha statues.

Here goes my last, most chilled, day in Goa. I spent it mostly on the Palolem beach or in one of its cafes.

The first day was quite tiring, so the second one was a lot less active and  involved only one long ride south, to Palolem.

My trip started on Friday, the 7th, when I went to board an overnight Volvo sleeper bus which would take me to Goa, Mapsa to be exact.