Magu Bee at World's End

A travel blog of one crazy Magu Bee traveling the globe.

The first stop on my new travel is Vienna. A beautiful European capital which has everyone enchanted, and which I haven't visited since I was 11. 

So basically, everything's new for me here. However, the more important part than sight-seeing for me now, is spending time with Benigna (an Austrian girl I met during my year in Brussels). Finally, after so much time!

The town hall and a part of the deliciously smelling Christmas market.

The Pestsäule on Graben

Benigna's favourite store - Meinl am Graben. Something like a groceries Harrods, I'd say. A bit pricey but with a huge arrey of ingredients and products from all over the world.

Enjoying the cheapest sushi set ever - 3,95 euro for 18 maki, from Kai's Asian Food.
St. Stephen's Cathedral, dating back all the way to the 12th century.

After a walk and some good pastries, we headed back home to get a bit of sleep - I was after a long ride on a night train, also Benigna had to get up real early to come pick me up (and bring me my hot welcoming beverage!), so we were pretty knackered. A short nap and a change of batteries later (sooo in love with my new camera!)  we headed off again, this time to see the Christmas decoration around the city. Pretty much the same places as above, just in slightly different settings.

At the entrance of Sisi Museum