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Last Sunday, August 26th, a bunch of my friends from a triathlon club were taking part in a super sprint triathlon in Siedlce, a town around 1,5h away from Warsaw. I wasn't competing but together with 2 other club members went there to cheer our friends on.

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Everyone is always mostly afraid of this one and it seems like a real challenge, even if it is "just" 400m. In a crowd of people and some cold water, it's very different from your swimming pool training. However, as expected, everyone did great! And nobody drowned! (although some people do claim they were very close to doing so...)

Once they got all changed into their swimming suits and/or tri suits, it was time for a short warm up in the lake. The weather wasn't all that nice, so as soon as they left the water to wait for the start of the race, most of the people were left standing out in the windy cold of a cloudy afternoon, shaking and trying not to freeze before they're allowed back in. I think there was a lot of confusion as to how they were supposed to swim, as in which direction, which checkpoints to get to first etc., because even after most of the people were already in the water there were some contestants nervously asking the organizer: "How and where do we swim, though??"

Here's a couple of images of how my friends conquered the triathlon's first part - a 400m open water swim. 








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