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Ever since I heard of Beneficio I felt this more or less conscious need to go there. Not that I'd want to live in the place, but I saw it as a kind of a social experiment, a piece of an antropologist's research.

One beautiful Thursday morning we drove to Orgiva. It's a little town in La Alpujarra, a mountainous region south of Granada.

The truth is I'm not quite sure where some of those pictures are from... 

Everyone you talk to praises Alhambra like they praise nothing else. 

One of the many things I loved in Granada was its street art.

It took one walk to fall in love with Granada.

Many people told me Nerja was beautiful, so I made sure I had a bit of time to see it before I boarded my bus to Malaga.

One thing I haven't mentioned yet about Frigiliana is its smell. 

After seeing Frigiliana during the day, I couldn't wait to walk its narrow streets at night. 

Am very much short of time but I simply needed you guys to take a look at this place. Enjoy the photos.

I left Malaga after two days and headed to Frigiliana, where I spent last night. I made a small detour on the way from Nerja, to stop by the nudist beach in the Natural Park in Cantarrijan. 

After seeing some of the city on my first day, I decided to hit the surrounding mountains for a short trek on the second. Spent some time wandering about, took a nap on the hill and went back to walk the lovely streets of the city some more.