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I guess many will agree that the best way to see such islands as Bali is to rent a motorbike and just be off. And that's exactly what I did. 

Unfortunately, as most of those pictures where taken on the road, the names of places are lost on me.  The highlights of the two day trip were definitely the Buyan Lake and Lake Danau.

On my way north to Lovina I decided to follow some random children going back home from school and landed in a small village in the middle of nowhere. Never seen so much green in my life. 

Rice fields are everywhere!

An employee of some off-road warung taking an afternoon nap with her daughter.

Gate to a random temple

Owners of a little shop next to which I had my first bakso. Pretty excited to have white people stop there, plus my travel companion spoke some Indonesian which was a huge, positive surprise, so they gladly chatted us up.

Some local food market in the northern part of Bali.
A big property comprising of a restaurant (rather unkept) and swimming pools we found on the way. What's interesting, is that local women were doing their laundry in one of them and, as it is located by the sea, there were people washing themselves on the other side of the wall, in seawater.

One of the bigger hindu temples I've seen during the trip.
Always wearing a sarong when on the temple grounds.

View from a huge deserted house I found by coincidence behind a huge deserted temple, majestically located on a steep hill. 

The huge deserted temple.

To my surprise, not a word about it in Lonely Planet!

What I guess you could call a Balinese schoolbus. Didn't see many similar cars, as usually children go back home on scooters. 
The last attraction - a procession seen from Dunkin' Donuts near Kuta.