Magu Bee at World's End

A travel blog of one crazy Magu Bee traveling the globe.

This Sunday was basically the last chance I had before leaving India to spend the day downtown. 

Another afternoon out on Juhu beach with my camera, my Hindi book and my journal.

A couple of images from the lively streets playing home to Mumbai's art and handicrafts festival - Kala Ghoda.

After a sleepless night found myself at Victoria Terminus to start my journey to Nasik for Sula Wine Fest, an annual wine festival with some cool concerts.

"We are launching a project around the forthcoming Cricket World Cup in India.

We have got together 6 Captains who have won the Cricket World Cup and are using them as Role Models of the game through an Ad campaign thats going to be on TV shortly. This is the 1st time all 6 of them are coming together."