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I suppose there are few people who have never heard of the pyramids in Giza. Again, just like it was with the Nile, I imagined them a bit differently..

Giza's a part of Cairo and the pyramids are almost 'glued' to the rest of the city. You're driving and then suddenly those world famous sand structures appear to your left. I guess that's why they've lost some of their charm and magic for me.

Note the hideous building someone's agreed to have put between the pyramids..

Managed to find a small spot to have a rest in the pyramid's wall ;)

You might think going underground would be an opportunity to escape the constant heat under the Egyptian sun. And while it could be true, it's not.
I didn't pay to go inside the most popular pyramid, have seen a small one instead, the Queen's pyramid. The tunnel leading inside might not be long but it's quite steep, very narrow and totally uncomfortable. By the time you go down, you're all nice and sweaty :)

Luckily there were no real crowds when I visited Giza, although it was far from deserted. And you can see how all the coaches ruin the view. As if the lazy tourist couldn't walk a couple meters more from the parking lot..

A police "precinct" ;)

Life, just like monuments, is a matter of..

.. perspective.

I guess finding an Egyptian coffin exactly your size laying out in the open should be a bit freaky, right?
But at least now I know where the idea of sunbeds comes from! :D

"Objects in the rear view mirror may appear closer than they are..."

There was a group of men on a guided tour coming our way when Ehab was taking the shot. Suddenly he starts laughing, so I ask what's the matter. "They've said it's going to be a damn' good picture". I think they got it right!

I was already on the road when I had my birthday and my parents decided a camel ride with the pyramids in the background was the perfect gift (and I mean the ride itself, everything else was on me :P).  It was a bit scary, though. I was in constant fear of falling flat on my face.

Unfortunately, all the photos the camel guy took us are out of focus, so I don't have any good ones :(

Fortunately, all the photos the camel guy took us are out of focus, so I have an excuse to go back to Cairo and take some good ones :)

The poor photographer himself.

Somehow never realised the Sphinx was just below the pyramids!

The three wonders of Giza: the pyramid, the Sphinx, Magu

Your typical Giza photo. 
The funniest part, however, was the process of taking it. I was with Ehab, my cs guide (and the best one at that!) and he would try to get the best shot by shouting "lower", "higher", "go to the front", "go to the back" "bend your knees", and "kiss!". The group of young Arab guys sitting just in front of me was having the time of their life.

And so I tutted my way off to Saqqara.