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A nice day out on the beach today and finally some more pics to show!

Gotta love a riksha in Mumbai! Always go by the meter, rikshawalla (the driver) should show you a price chart!

Look to the left - the beach's empty.

Look to the right - the beach's crowded.

Look below - red toenails.

Choppers flying over every quarter of an hour or so.
Kids will always be kids, doesn't matter what country they come from, how dark theit skin is, which god they pray to. Simplicity at its best.

So funny to see people's shoes randomly laying round the beach.

I think it was a school trip to the beach, maybe even from outside of town. Reaaaaally excited to see me.

A little reminder of the fact that we're in a 20mln + city in the background.

A snack cart in front of Marriott hotel.

Fancy a tattoo?

Some girl was making a huge Jesus in the middle of the most crowded part of the beach.

Construction work in Citizen Hotel.

They suggested I take o picture of them themselves.

I was writing in my journal when a young girl asks me if she could take a photo with me. I say sure, and by the time I've put my pen down, I'm surrounded by the whole family!