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After seeing some of the city on my first day, I decided to hit the surrounding mountains for a short trek on the second. Spent some time wandering about, took a nap on the hill and went back to walk the lovely streets of the city some more.

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The sounds and colours of summer 
(Polish summer I mean, this is Spanish spring)

Hard to get noticed in such surroundings :)

Don't worry, even if you can't find a host in Malaga. You can always couchsurf here!
The first look at the city from up above

There are trees and bushes and hills, and suddenly there's a horse.

Not long after the horse, comes his owner.

And after one of the hills come more horses.
Last quick glance an the city and we're off to get back down there.
I love how pretty everything's in here, all the little details in the architecture.
The best taberna at this side of town! I think they gave us more food on the house than we actually ordered and paid for.
    One more lovely Malagan alley for you to see.