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Sooo... Can't believe it's only been a week! So much has been going on, crazy nights out, great people met, some work done... It's Bombay time! 

I have to take my camera out during the day and finally take some neighbourhood's pics to show you, but for now that's all I have!

This colourful taxi that took me downtown for a little reunion with Chloe, a crazy Australian I'd met in KL a couple of weeks ago. All the cheaper taxis have bright tapestries, usually in flowery patterns - what a joy to ride one! (only at night though, when there's less traffic and you don't breathe in tons of pollution while getting places)
Enjoying some thali in Hotel Majestic eatery. It was Majestic only in its name, though, which was actually great, because: 1) straight in the heart of the touristic part of town, yet full of locals (it was recommended to us by an Indian on the street) and 2) a dish pictured above cost 42-50 IND, about 1$. However, it was not a true thali experience, as they didn't do refills.
The main landmark in Mumbai - the Gateway of India.
The second famous landmark - the Taj hotel, victim of bombings in 2008 Mumbai attacks. 

One would think that these 'carriages' are there for tourists, but I haven't seen any tourists use them! Many Indian families, though.
A dinner at a friend's house with Chloe 
and her friend and travel companion onboard.
Rikshas are everywhere! On my way to Juhu beach to exercise a bit in the morning (with two guys I randomly met at a park the previous day, an actor training for his first Bollywood role and his personal trainer).

A view on Juhu beach from a friend's flat, beautiful!

Enjoying a walk on the beach in Juhu.
I found this cool place with lots of food stalls. Great, festive-like atmosphere. Gotta come here when I'm not straigth after dinner!
I think they don't have too many tourists show up there, and I became a huge, white and blond, attraction with people gathering wherever I went and asking for pictures.

Have gone to a mall only once so far and didn't buy anything, although I was considering that one. What do you think?
Had the best tasting sheesha ever, just around the corner from my place. The secret? If you take the pineapple one, they make it in the fruit itself... Next time gotta try watermelon!
In Infinity Mall close to my place - the only Christmas decoration I've seen.