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The truth is I'm not quite sure where some of those pictures are from... 

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What I mean is that I was just wandering about, taking random lefts and rights and not aware of where I was. The city's so cool though that you somehow get to where you wanna get to (at least I do). I'm guessing they'll be from barrios Realejo, San Matias and San Anton, but don't take my word for it...

On the way from el Paseo de los Tristes to Plaza Nueva

I just love the smell of spring in Granada

These ones where all taken during a gudied tour with Maria through the center of Granada. I hope I get all the facts right!

Maria enjoying a sunny afternoon in Parco del Triunfo

The Royal Hospital

Inside the Saint John of God church

It was actually nicer than I'd expected

Orange trees all around

Patio of the Music Conservatory

I really liked la Plaza de la Trinidad - there used to be a church in here but they decided to turn it into a square and make it a public space. Great idea!

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ehem, the Cathedral was the last one! that other one was Saint John of God church! everything else was perfect though

I knew I'd mess sth up :D
Correcting it right away! Gracias guapa!