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Everyone you talk to praises Alhambra like they praise nothing else. 

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It does look very majestically sitting overtop a mountain overseeing Granada, true. Somehow, however, being the ignorant that I am, I never made it inside. I'm thinking that maybe I was leaving myself an excuse to go back to Granada.
I did go for a walk around the open parts of the property and seeked the best view of this architectural delight, though. Here they are:

You can reach Alhambra by bus but it's a waste - it's only a 15min walk away from Plaza Nueva and half of it is in such nice surroundings.

You'll no doubt encounter many field trips.

A palace which is a place of display for various art exhibitions. At the moment - Universos Infinitos by M.C.Escher. Cool stuff!

The oldest part in the whole complex.

Some of the gardens.

Inside the Banos Arabes, which used to be very popular in Granada

The garden of one of the restaurants/hotels situated in the complex.

A typical patio. Love those!

Walking thru Albaycin to find a good view of Alhambra

And there it is!

With the irreplacable Maria, who's full of knowledge about the place!