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After seeing Frigiliana during the day, I couldn't wait to walk its narrow streets at night. 

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It's a lot more lively then, but still so quiet and peaceful that the clacking of your own shoes seems too loud a sound.  To me it's one of the places where it's a crime not to be with your loved one and I'm guilty of the above. Will most definitely need to come back here, this time not alone!

Also, I just couldn't stop taking pictures! Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out the settings well enough to show the whitness of the place... Still, I hope you'll enjoy the images.

I started my walk by climbing a small hill, the one my host's house is on.

A great view on the new part of town,

as well as some of the mountain peaks surrounding Frigiliana.

I then set off to wander the lovely streets of the town.

I know it doesn't show, but the contrast between the buildings' whitness and the beautiful dark starry sky creates a magical atmosphere.