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One beautiful Thursday morning we drove to Orgiva. It's a little town in La Alpujarra, a mountainous region south of Granada.

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Orgiva is not really that interesting to be honest, but it's a good base to explore the vicinity. A lot of trekking and hiking possibilities, little white towns a couple of kilometres away, the (in)famous Beneficio at its doorstep...

When Maria heard we were planning to go to Orgiva, she told me not to bother and to head to Pampaneira and Capileira instead. We stopped in Orgiva for a couple of minutes only, as it was some kind of a festive day and we wanted to see what was going on. The one weird thing about this town is that you have all those 'normal' people on the streets and then suddenly someone dumpster diving.. Then you enter a supermarket and 'normal' people are choosing their veggies next to oldschool hippie style folks - sunburnt, with dreadlocks and in lots of layers of colourful clothes.. A curious sight that kinda makes you feel like you're in some different reality. Or more so that you are witnessing two completely different realities and dimensions of lifestyles in one small shop alley. All those intriguing personas were just a pretaste of what we'd later discover in Beneficio, a place I'd wanted to visit ever since I'd heard about it from my host in Frigiliana.

After a short break in Orgiva and getting some snacks for the road, we set off to see Pampaneira. The truth is we drove into the town and before we found a place to park, we'd already left it. Without some of us even realising the fact that we'd just passed a town we were supposed to see. So, without further ado, we decided to see it on our way back and in the meantime, headed to Capileira.

Honestly, I was expecting something more. I didn't find the place one tod interesting or pretty even, though I do recognize the fact that it's a good start ing point for some hiking routes. That's also why we stopped there - took a short stroll around the town only to find a path leading down into the hills.

From the left: Katerina, myself, Ania, Carlos, Antonio - the merry field trip group!

Capileira's really just a handfull of stores and cafes, nothing more.

And already here we're heading off into the nature :)
Charming flowers and snowy mountain peaks in the background - loved it!

There must have been some kind of a route but going down the stream seemed a lot more fun (at least to me...). It's a pleasant walk of less than 1km to get back to the main track.

Antonio, the happy adventurer :D

As you can see, I was wearing THE perfect hiking ensemble - my Jamaican dress and my Roman sandals (their unbeatable!)

No clue why but we somehow got this idea that the picture wouldn't be taken straight, so we had to bend in order for it to look normal. I guess we failed.

A bridge we didn't get a chance to cross this time around.

We did find a way to the stream/river though. The chilly water was a great refreshment under the heat of the afternoon sun.
A moment to enjoy

Loving the nature
After a short break we got back on the route and took a path leading into Pampaneira (about 1,5km if I remember correctly).

Afterwards, it's just a short climb along the road to the car park in Capileira where the car and the food awaits, and we're ready to go look for Beneficio!

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