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Delicious food, huge crowds, joyful atmosphere and live music. What more could one ask for?

Hi guys,
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I just wish my mom was there, she would go crazy for the food!

How messy can one's hair be? Plus, I'm getting so chubby! ...
"Uuuu, that looks good!"

Estelle enjoying her fish.

Sap said it is the fishermen's wives who cook and sell here.

Crowds were watching performances going on on the stage.

Estelle and Sap decided to finish their evening with some paan.

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Your not looking chubby at
Oh what a feast we had, lobsters, crab, prawns, tandoori fish...and I was stuffed...and the pan was the icing on the cake...It was a great day out and Estelle and I

Glad you ate well