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The first day was quite tiring, so the second one was a lot less active and  involved only one long ride south, to Palolem.

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One of the bigger churches I saw on the way to Palolem. As you'll see on some pictures later, there's a lot of  European (Portugese) inspired architecture.

The only detour we made was to find the most famous Goan restaurant, Martin's Corner.

We started with shrimp balchao

and roasted ox tongues,

followed by lamb and kingfish in gravies.

The place feeds the biggest Bollywood actors and they always take pics with that sign, surrounded by Martin's staff. Well, I'm not a bollywood star (yet), so I only got to have the sign in this one.

Unfortunately there are plenty of huge properties, beautiful in the past, but now totally unkept. If, however, it's a new or renovated one, it's really gonna stand out - all the colours of the rainbow!

Already in peaceful Palolem.

Indian Baywatch, almost like Mitchell "Mitch" Buchannon. Don't you feel safer already? 

"You wanna look at my things? Pretty things, good price. You make good business"  (Oh, how that reminded me of Bali!)

Ah, serenity...

Three rocks and a rock star!

By this time my camera had already been dying. Somehow though, the battery understood that those moments had to be captured and allowed me to take one picture every 4-5 minutes. Thank you baby!

Dining after sunset

And what dining it was - shrimp curry with rice and gralic butter calamari (delicious!) with tandoori nan

I somehow imagined Goa as a crazy party place, but nothing of that sort. The only party-like event going on was a live band at the end of the beach. Luckily, good music and a hilarious frontman! However, the cops still shut them up, so to speak, at round 10 pm.
I ended the evening lying by the fire and gazing at the stars.