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Here goes my last, most chilled, day in Goa. I spent it mostly on the Palolem beach or in one of its cafes.

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The shack I stayed in, 500 Rs. per night (11$). Compared to the value for money correlation with Bali or Lombok, this place was expensive. And I think it was the cheapest around.
And the Bee is back!

The view from my yoga rock

And on the other side, the less touristy one.

The Bee's back on for a couple more pics
Trying some yoga to look even more silly than usually.

Oh my, what an almost natural pic!...

What Goa's mostly about (although I think the word 'drugs' should also be there in that case).

The inside of my shack. Note the flawless execution of this real estate.    
Actually, it was quite shitty, pardon my French. I rarely complain but this was rather bad. Especially at night, when it got really cold because of all the cracks in the 'construction'. (Yes, these are pieces of boxes/paper stapled together)

One of the tasties things out there - crab and shrimp curry with cashew. Me adores!
Everyone's out for their afternoon walk.

I love Asian English, it's the best!

Unfortunately it was already time to hop back on the bike and go to Margao to catch my return ride.

This time an AC semi-sleeper. A bit uncomfortable, but luckily not as cold as I expected, plus on time!