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I love to eat.
Greeks love to eat.
We're a perfect match.

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One Greek characteristic I immediately learned? 
Ordering way too much food.
And as the food is delicious, I always end up majorly overeating.

 Horatiki salad (know as the "farmer's salad" in Greece, and the "Greek salad" elsewhere).

 Tzatziki up front, with the Politiki salad covering its back.

 4 types of croquettes - 2 different cheesy ones, one with aubergine, one with paprika.

In the little pot, a bit shyly lurking in the back, you can see Tigania - pork in lemon.

The new player in here is Soutzoukakia, the meatballs. Plus, empty retsina bottles (Greek white resinated wine, the girls' favourite is Malamatina).

To sum our first dinner up (let me remind you we were 3 girls + Chris):

After such an amazing treat, we wanted to prepare a good lunch for Chris the next day. Unfortunately, as none of us is a talented cook, we couldn't create any truly typical Polish/Hungarian dishes. We went for what was available. To try and make up for the lack of good recipes, we set up the table on the balcony ;)

In the end, we happened to have international cuisine (ekhm ekhm):

We had to walk all of the above off. As soon as we did and reached the city center, I could not resist a certain chocolate tarte, which turned out to be heaven.

Let's not ponder over the fact that I later had to chase Reni, Dora and Chris with the tarte in a stretched out hand, so they'd help me finish it. Turned out heaven was too big for just me alone...

I was promising myself not to touch food till the next day. We stepped into a church to have a look around  before getting on the bus and one of the ladies we saw there came up to us with a box in her hand, speaking Greek at us and later switching into English to explain us something about her mother or sister or some other family member and urging us to take one of the many cookies she was carrying around. How can you not eat a cookie you've been gifted in a church, a heart-shaped one at that?

While on a walk on Monday eveing, we saw a place we immediately liked. Chris confirmed they had good food, saying it was one of his favourite spots as well, so we planned to come back there the next day.

 I just love love the interiors!

Cool menu as well!

With the still happy Dora (she later tried the calamari and well, let's say they're not her fav thingy in the world)

Ths time the girls had already eaten at home, so it was just me and Chris, later joined by a friend of his. Yet, again, Chris ordered as if we were a family of 6, at least:

 Kritiki salata straight from Crete - tomatoes, olives, myzithra cheese and dakos bread.

 Cheese and parsley croquettes, plus some Tzatziki type cheese and paprika gravy (?)/ paste (?) in the background.

Aubergine croquettes with herbs/onion sauce.

Another type of delicious grilled cheese, unfortunately the name escaped me.

So, to sum up the starters (sic!) for 2/3 people (sic!):
Oh, and in the right bottom corner there's some delicious fish which tasted almost exactly like a dish we in Poland like to call Greek style fish :D

"Where the hell do I fit all this food?"

And just when I though I had everything under control, more food arrived.
 Calamari in pesto Basilico.

And some fish that I had no idea what to make of.

When all was said and done, they gave us dessert - Greek halva. It's very different from the dry one we usually have in mind when hearing the word, but I was not as surprised as the girls - I've tasted something pretty similar in India. Actually, had-it-at-home-quite-often would be a better fit. 

 And we were out of there!

I guess Chris didn't quite understand when we said we couldn't possibly eat more 'cause as soon as we got to our next destination - a traditional Greek music and dancing type of a place (it wasn't a tavern or a restaurant, I don't think it classified as rembetadika either) he ordered a fruit plate. When he saw our outraged looks he simply shrugged his shoulders and said: "It goes well with the wine". 
 Of course by the end of the night, the plate was empty...

 And here's our happy bunch :)

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