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Another afternoon out on Juhu beach with my camera, my Hindi book and my journal.

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It might be surprising the first time a foreigner comes to the beach, as Indians go into the water in clothes.
There's no such thing as sunbathing on the beach in the city, for that you have to go to Goa or to the poolside of one of the hotels. Some boys run into the water in their shorts but other than that, you go in dressed in jeans/salwar kameez/sari.

A whole range of snack's available on the beach itself.

Falooda desserts

and my beloved kulfi falooda with pure rabdi.

Enjoying some coconut water

Not only Spain has a siesta culture ;)

One can find many different things on the beach, besides some shells..

Unfortunately most of it is rubbish, uncovered by a low tide. In here: a huge patch of plastic bags and the luxurious 5* J.W. Marriott in the background

You can even find a travel bag...