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After a sleepless night found myself at Victoria Terminus to start my journey to Nasik for Sula Wine Fest, an annual wine festival with some cool concerts.

Hi guys,

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With the famous VT's entrance in the background.
A huge taxi stand in front of the station.
It's 4:56...
.... breakfast time!
Now that's what I call a police car!
Crowds inside the station.

Ha! Finally got myself a train ticket! 51 Rs. (less than 1euro) for 188km / a 4 hr train ride.
With Brom, a fellow CSer I met on Goa, happy to have found ourselves a seat!

Little fashionista 
(but that's a thing about the Indian girls/women - no matter how rich or poor they are, they always wear some kind of jewellery)
My little travel companion (proves to be of great interest to all the kids around the globe)
Trying to get my spine back to its desired shape (oh, those comfy Indian benches!).

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