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Shaadi is the wedding ceremony that took place the next day after mehndi and sangeet

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I had a vague image of a wedding in my mind but had no idea how the ceremony was going to look like exactly. I was in for a surprise.

Waiting for the car to take me to the temple where the shaadi was taking place.

In the beautiful sari Sap has lent me.

The groom

The couple during one of the many rituals

The puja and there: parents of both spouses, the happy couple, the priest and his helper.

The beautiful bride

Many rituals have to do with fire

One of the groom's sister. I know the pic is out of focus, but she looked so nice I wanted you guys to see her. Plus, she's a great dancer!

A lovely Spanish lady who met the groom during his studies in Madrid and flew down for the wedding.

A beautiful couple, wishing them all the best!

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