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Last Sunday, August 26th, a bunch of my friends from a triathlon club were taking part in a super sprint triathlon in Siedlce, a town around 1,5h away from Warsaw. I wasn't competing but together with 2 other club members went there to cheer our friends on.

I love to eat.
Greeks love to eat.
We're a perfect match.

Christmas time is the only time I really love Brussels. Actually, I fall in love with it every day anew.

My memories of Lamalou, a small town in the south of France around 1,5hrs west of Montpellier, will always have the taste of goat cheese and honey. 

One of the things you can find in the area of Myvatn Lake is an impressive and quite surreal lava foundation. Actually, lava foundations, as there's the field near the Krafla volcano with formations created during its 1984 eruption and the 18th century moss covered ones at the foot of Mt. Hverfjall.

Lake Myvatn area is a volcanic zone located on the boundary of two tectonic plates Iceland lies on. The plates steadily move apart, at a rate of about 2 cm a year, so volcanic activity in the area is considerable and thus it has become one of the main points of interest for anyone visiting this part of the world.

As we were walking away from Mt. Hverfjall, Antoine was telling me about this one time he was travelling with some friends and decided to sleep on one of the islands on a lake they were next to.

I happened to get on the volunteering staff at the Roskilde Festival.

I must admit I somehow expected more from the Malaysian capital. Never had a clear idea about KL in my head, but the bits and pieces of information I'd heard and the images I'd seen formed a rather loose vision of a great bustling city.