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The first puja I went to, I didn't get to see the beginning of the ceremony so can't really comment on the differences between a Punjabi and a Gujarati wedding.

It was just as long though, with maaany different rituals I didn't understand.

The groom's family gets comfy while his future wife changes clothes.
You can see how important food is in Indian culture - even the wedding ceremony has a lot to do with different food products.
Flower decorations - people later use those and throw the flowers on the newlyweds.
I absolutely adore the peacock pattern on saris.

Sooo cute!

The bride being escorted to the puja.

The bride's family asking the groom to take good care of their daughter.
One of the numerous rituals.

The couple walks around the fire and normally it's the man who's leading. After 3 rounds (I think it was 3...) the couple switched places, which was welcomed with a lot of laughter and applause.
Yawning or praying, you tell me ;)

Loving their joy and happiness!

Apparently some famous director/producer. Name anybody?

And so it's done!

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The Director/Producer is Ashutosh Gowariker, he has made Lagaan, Swadesh and Jodha Akbar to name a few films.

Oh, then you've told me about him a couple of times I think.

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