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I must admit I had my hopes up after the delicious soup on Friday night and couldn't wait for the main festival day to begin.

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Shortly after waking up and taking a shower we set off to the harbour, which is where all the festivities were taking place. It was still pretty early but already here and there small lines of people were beginning to form.

The first thing we had was some really good potatoe puree and fried frish (the only frozen thing besides the fishburgers they were later serving in a different spot). I think it was also one of few visibly advertised companies/products. 

After taking the first dish we helped ourselves to some drinks. I really regret not having taken a picture of one of the containers you could stumble on while wandering around - they were full of ice cubes cooling down hectoliters of coke and what seems to have been non-alcoholic beer.

After the first part of breakfast, it was time for a second course (that I had 2 or 3 times...).

The next line we decided to join led us to grilled fish in some kind of a sweet and sour sauce with a delicious shrimp salad on the side.

By that time it had gotten quite crowded so no more benches nor tables for us - this one we ate standing by one of the bins that would serve people as alternative tables :) Also, we were standing just in front of the stage they put in the middle and listening to the music which was getting louder and louder.
It was either then or after seeing those, that we decided to go for a walk and give our bodies a bit of time to recover from eating some serious amount of food.

All the displayed fishes and seafood had a little card with the specie's name written down. The specie's Icelandic name of course, so basically I'm no smarter when it comes to how the things I eat look like before they land on my plate.

After exercising a bit during the walk, it was time for lunch. It was the longest wait but got you a fishburger, so not many were complaining. The good thing was you could enjoy an ice cream or two while waiting. Yup, they were giving away those as well.

There was one place that was constantly gaterring the biggest crowd in that part of the harbour. Everyone wanted to take a look at how to properly cut up a shark. I guess in a place like Iceland it might actually be a handy skill to posses.

Yummmm.. right?

I didn't try shark meet, although I guess that would have been the freshest thing on the festival's menu. I did, however, try a tiny piece of whale meat sashimi. I know, I know 'What?! You tried whale meat!?' I'll hear you scream with contempt in your voice. Yes, and unfortunately I must admit it tastes really good...

One of the other things you could try is dried fish. I guess the 1st time you try it, it tastes pretty strange. Also, it does come on strong. Personally, I don't really mind the taste, but it's not like it's my favourite either. Luckily, it wasn't as peculiar as the dried octupus a Japanese guest once brought as back at uni.

The end with - a traditional Polish outfit with its Icelandic counterpart ;)

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