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One of tourist and local must do's alike is a visit to Al-Azhar park before the call for an evening prayer.

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Cairo's called the city of a thousand mosques and although I didn't see that during my 3day stay, I definitely heard it during my 2hour trip to Al-Azhar.

It's a huge, very well-kept park, ideal for a day out with kids or your loved one.

Of course, seeing how it's Egypt you won't be displaying just how much loved the other one is, but still. 


It's a very cheerful place but at the same time you'll have no problem finding a secluded spot to enjoy the silence and nature, both of which are rather hard, if not impossible, to find in any other place in Cairo.

My Cairo team - Sharine, my amazing guide Ehab and the generous host Adel.

It's also a great spot to glare at the majestic mosque.

Unfortunately, I am not the most able photographer and still used to have my old camera here, so couldn't capture how nice the twilight sky was. Of course, with the amount of pollution covering the city, it's not the clearest or most beautiful of views, but it still makes quite an impression to see the sea of buildings that constitute the Egyptian capital.

But going back to why you should be there for at least one of your sunsets in Cairo. 
Every night just as the sun sets, believers are being called for prayers (I was, probably stupidly, surprised that there were websites dedicated to finding out how the sun's trajectory was gonna be like and what time the calls would be made).

This is why you want to get yourself to Al-Azhar and find a possibly highest located available spot on the hillside overlooking the city, sit down and brace yourself for quite an experience. 
Becuase the moment the sun sets, the calming silence you've been listening to will turn into a chant floating over the city - one by one the muezzins will start calling all the Muslims to start their prayers. One voice will turn into 3, 3 will turn into 10 and then you'll be sitting with goose bumps listening to the hypnotizing choir of voices.