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One of the things you can find in the area of Myvatn Lake is an impressive and quite surreal lava foundation. Actually, lava foundations, as there's the field near the Krafla volcano with formations created during its 1984 eruption and the 18th century moss covered ones at the foot of Mt. Hverfjall.

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You can spend hours walking between the big plain's unusual formations and feel out of place. The place you're out of being Earth. That's why Apollo 11 crew came here to train some moonwalking, and I don't mean their dance moves (although who knows!). That's why I just couldn't let such an opportunity pass and had to let the Bee out, even though it has caused some very stupified looks among other hikers. Now that I think of it, not as stupified as when I let her hike the biggest European glacier a couple of weeks later... But that's a different story!

Coming back to the one at hand, some of Antoine's shots:

This one actually took more exercising and a bit of fear, but the view from the top was great. Plus, I got to hear two Italian hikers sing "Maya Bee" with a huge smile (and a bit of a snort, I believe..) on their lips.