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After spending some time in Dalvik itself and eating loads of fish during the festival, it was time to stretch the legs (and full stomachs) a bit.

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The first part of sight seeing took us a bit north of city center.

We first followed the main road and then walked along the shore on a road full of colourful pebbles.

The weather was beautiful and the sun ever-present, so it was the perfect time for a little rest, which turned into a stretching session for me. Amazing - sun, water, grass, fjords and the pain of your muscles giving way under your body's (ever-growing) weight. Moment, live on!

I think this might be the most typical Icelandic picture it gets - the fjords, a lonely house somewhere facing nothing but the limitless surface of water and horses.

The second part of sight seeing took part at a hill overlooking the town. Anyways, see for yourself:

My first Icelandic landscape Bee pics!

A jumping photo gone wrong. Or maybe let's call it a hair photo and then I guess it'll be a perfect one!

When Antoine first told me we were walking on cotton, I didn't believe it. I never thought it would just grow like this on the hills. 

For sure, decided to dry some and bring it back home as a souvenir. 

Later, seeing the plant was quite handy, as it helped you figure out where not to put your tent up - too damp!

The evening part took us to a beach Antoine somehow noticed earlier on.

It was a very pleasant walk to the southern outskirts of Dalvik and this being the very beginning of our trip, I was very excited with the landscape.

It did get cold and rather windy so we didn't stay to enjoy the place as much as I would have liked to. Still, it made for a great evening walk.