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The first place anyone comes to when flying down to Iceland is Keflavik. 

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It's here that the only international airport is located in, but not many people stay behind to see the town itself. I can't say I blame them all that much - it's a very quiet place that seems all so small when you arrive and almost like a city after you've travelled around the island and seen other 'cities' and 'towns' (which I would call villages or sets of houses).

I spent 2 nights here waiting for Antoine, a friend I was going to travel with. When I asked my hosts how to get to their place from the airport, they told me to ask people to give me a lift to the Base, which basically made no sense to me. The one day I had there gave me enough time to walk around and visit a museum (the only one I've been to during almost two months of travelling... which, I guess, tells you something about how much there was to do in the town) where I learned a bit of Icelandic history and the Base started making sense. 

American troops' housing buildings are scattered over hills surrounding Keflavik. 

Just like anywhere else on Iceland, there are vast areas of nothing but green around.

Keflavik itself is nothing special - just a quiet, empty-ish town on the coast. It was cloudy and a bit showery, so it seemed to have a bit of sadness to it.

Apart from two museums, this must be the only tourist attraction the place has to offer - a small hut at the far end of the town with as huge candle in front of it. You enter it and suddenly hear snoring. You look around and see this huge ugly statue that is supposed to be some kind of a troll or elf, probably connected to one of the local folk stories. Unfortunately there was no information available in English, so the tourist attraction was lost on me...

And it seems that'd be it in Keflavik.