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I was in the middle of a short road trip around Bali when I spent one night in Lovina. 

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It's a small tourist town in the North of the island with a couple of hotels and spas, a "marina" and dolphin tours. I got there pretty late in the evening, so didn't get to see much, apart from a couple of spas on the way to a groceries. My travel companion had asked me to bring him Żubrówka - the best Polish vodka - when I was coming to Indonesia and it was decided a nice warm night called for one Apple Pie (a drink consisting of apple juice & Żubrówka).
Altars are everywhere, this one's in front of the groceries, with Wall's (Polish "Algida") flag sticking out.

The star of the night - liquid bison.

Afterwards we decided to go chill at the beach for a short while. Didn't see the marina, too dark for that, but it was just dark enough to see nicely lit tress along the seashore.

One of the restaurants was having a live band playing salsa and I couldn't sit still. Thanks to the travel companion's eye and camera, I got some nightlife dancing with the light to show you.

And changing the subject a bit - it's the kind of a hut you can get for 70k rupees, if I'm not mistaken. Nothing luxurious but I've slept in much worse conditions with a much worse view ;)