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Menara Kuala Lumpur, referred to as KL Tower, is one of the symbols of the Malaysian capital. With its 421 m, it places second among world's tallest freestanding towers. 

You can feast your eyes on the city's panorama and fill your tummy in their revolving restaurant. 

I went to visit KL Tower with two CS friends, Chloe from Australia and Isaac from Malaysia. We strated off in the Cultural Village, where you can see miniatures of traditional houses from all around the country...

... and a couple of  regional dance routines.

We later asked the dancers if we could try on some of their stage outfits and they, not so eagerly in the beginning, agreed. 

Bollywood style

With Kuala Lumpur at our feet.

 Quite a view, don't you think?

Our fun with dressing up didn't finish in the Cultural Village, though. We also got to wear traditional wedding clothes on the top of the tower. Soooo beautiful!

With the photographer.

      I wonder if gay marriage is legal in Malaysia..? We'd make a perfect couple!

 The whole gang, together with my host.

Perfect wedding shot #1

Perfect wedding shot #2

With all the beautiful clothes and accessories I was a mighty happy person.