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Enjoy the pics as much as I enjoyed all this delicious food!

Dinner in Senggigi, Lombok : fried prawns,  chicken and potato, rice, local 'salad', chicken souce

Kuta, Lombok: again lots of fried things on rice, this time with my favourite sambal kacang (sweet and spicy peanut sauce), a traditional artichoke soup

A street food seller somewhere in central Bali. His speciality (and only thing on offer) is bakso. Not too bad!

A juice cart on a food market in some little town we were passing. No idea what the name of this big fruit is, but that's what I had my juice made from. When you want a drink to go, you won't get it in a cup but in a small plastic bag. It'll have a straw as well.

Nasi goreng special (fried rice) - the most typical dish in Indonesia; in here with some ayam (chicken, that's what makes up the 'special' part, normal nasi goreng's without meat). In general, Indonesian cuisine's based on rice, eggs and chicken.

Am not too sure where that was, but looking at a map now, I guess it must have been in Kintamani. A restaurant I found on my way to lake Batur. It was definitely a touristic place, with touristic prices. You could either order from a menu or decide on a buffet. I was already leaving the place (the prices where way more than I wanted to spend), but was followed by one of the waiters who in the end decided to agree on 40k rupiah per person (about 4,5$).  In here you can see mie goreng (fried noodles), nasi goreng, spring rolls, fried onion rings and fried spinach.

The view on lake Batur, surrounded by all those mountains and volcanos, was well worth it. The food not as much, but hey - sometimes you can't have it all...

My second first night on Bali - somehow reaaaally wanted pizza. Nah, I needed pizza :) So decided to go crazy in a little Italian-like restaurant.

Dinner in Ubud: rice, fried prawns, a kind of an omelette, fried mashed potato (loved those!) and a local 'salad' (no idea how else to call it, unless I was to use the word 'grass'); plus chilli sauce.

Another type of typical out-of-a-food-cart dish. Forgot the name but it's sticky rice, fried tofu, some veggies, wheatgerm and my fav kacang sauce (peanut). It was quite tasty, and cost me 5k (0,60$). It was also a great way of meeting some Indonesians and hearing the girl's life story.

A very good dinner before my dance contest semi-finals in Kuta Bali. It was a pretty big and very busy local warung, it's almost in front of Carrefour, if anyone wants to find it.  KFC has nothing on their fried chicken! Although I was already fed up with fried food and was yearning for some fresh veggies. But they only had those couple of slices of cucumber...

That was some serious food! Thanks to the vouchers I'd won in the dance contest in Sky Garden, I got to remind myself what Western food tastes like.

There was six of us and all that food was gone in less than 10 minutes. It was sooo good, but so painful (as soon as our bodies realised how much we'd just eaten).

Still had some vouchers left and decided to drop in there again just before going to the airport, to spoil myslef some more. Had a very early flight and wanted to order some sandwiches for take away as well. In the evening I asked if it was ok to pay for take aways with the vouchers, and the bar's supervisor told me it wasn't. So, I decided that when I came back in the morning, I was just going to order the food there, and then wrap it to go myslef..  However, I got to Sky Garden about an hour and a half before heading off for the plane and managed to chat to the supervisor quite a bit. I guess he must have liked me and appreciated my (scarce, but still) knowledge about Indonesia and the basics of their language, 'cause I left with two tortilla wraps and 3 pieces of cake, which I took for my best friend who was waiting for me at the airport on Java.
So that fruit salad and the freakishly sweet and delicious coffee where my last meal on Bali.

Drug trafficking is under death penalty in Indonesia. However, Gili Trawangan is a world of its own. You can go to a restaurant and order an omelette with shrooms for breakfast, or enjoy a magic mushroom shake/tea in the evening. Some locals are high all days long (which makes it a very laid back place with ever smiling people) and most of them are on something when they go out at night.

Don't know why but I've always had this thing for eating in a swimming pool. It somehow seemed cool in all those movies. So when I saw a hotel restaurant by the pool, I immediately jumped in. Not a bad deal for 25k rupiah!

A delicious snack bought somewhere on the street in Solo, Java. It was a thin caramelised pancake-like cake with fried banana inside. Wraped in a page of an English grammar book (on which there were mistakes...). It cost 1k (0,11$).

Food carts at the Old Town in Jakarta. They seem local but in reality they were totally touristic, the most expensive ones I've seen during the whole trip.

My last dinner in Indonesia - my host and his  familly took me out to a really nice place with delicious food. We had, among other things, chicken steak, mie goreng, pecel ayam (chicken with traditional sambal - spicy sauce), pempek kapal selam (a dish from south Sumatra based on fish).

Two more things that shouldn't be forgotten are:

a banana pancake (every homestay serves those for breakfast on Bali, Gilis and Lombok)

and my addiction throughout the whole Indonesian and Malaysian part of the trip:

Teh Botol - sweetened jasmine tea, which I miss like crazy.