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This Sunday was basically the last chance I had before leaving India to spend the day downtown. 

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I took a rick to Jogeshwari train station, waited in line for the ticket observing numerous fights breaking out, paid my 7 Rs. for the ride to Lower Parel and boarded the train. Got off about 30 mins later to meet Sachin, a local CSer. 
He's such a sweetheart that he brought his bike with him, as I'd said I'd love a bike ride downtown. We drove around for a while, went to the Zoo (5 Rs. entrance vs 30euro in Hamburg) and took a walk  around (during which I found out I had a strict face and looked as if I slapped people around, thanks Sachin!).

After this entertaining chat we set off to Pizzeria, my favourite pizza joint in town. There we met with another CSer, for whom I was carrying some brochures about Poland (he's planning to visit my home country in August and I happened to have some info from the Polish Tourism Board, whom I met at Mumbai Travel Fair two weeks back).  We ordered one Spring Fling pizza and feasted looking at the ocean.
With Sachin and Manish.
The Bee had to have her 5 mins as well, so after I finished eating I hopped on the wall in my funky dress (and caused a lot of suprise on Indian faces).

The Bee presents: skyline of Bombay

We took a ride along Marine Drive and ended up in a nice park, again by the ocean (that's what I love about this city - its tremendously long coastline).


An add in the train's women's compartment. Don't really know what to think about that...