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The first function I went to was baraat. Traditionally the groom arrives on a horse and I was super excited to see that but unfortunately he came in a car instead. It was still fun, though!

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Before the baraat itself I went to Iskcon, a Hare Krishna property to wait for the groom's family to get ready and go out on the street.

Lord Ganesh welcoming you in the building

Men from the groom's side getting ready

Again some very pretty outfits

Gujarati women do their sari in a different way than I'm used to

The puja place

All the men ready to rock and roll

Hare Krishna, Hare Rama

Feeling like a giantess

The band warming up

Some traditional Gujarati dancing
The baraat on its way and in the background PVR Juhu - the cinema I always go to.

Amazing how she girl resembled Madhuri Dixit in real life..

Making a tunnel for the groom to come and be welcomed by his bride

The bride on her way to receive the groom