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My trip started on Friday, the 7th, when I went to board an overnight Volvo sleeper bus which would take me to Goa, Mapsa to be exact. 

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First it took me a while to find the pick up point (in Bandra, Reclamation Bridge, which of course didn't ring a bell to the rick guy), well over an hour in the traffic. Then, I waited for an hour and a half till my delayed bus showed up. My only amusement was to watch the neverending packing and unpacking of different companies' vehicles.

While waiting for my ride I met a couple of people, one of them being Alice, a lady in here 60s going to check up on her Goan house. We started talking and when she found out I was travelling alone and hadn't made sure I was travelling with a female companion, she talked to the driver and arranged for me to sleep with her.

It turns out there are two travellers on a bed like this. Mine, originally, was a cute Japanese backpacker so I wasn't all that thankful to the helpful lady. Might have finally practised my rusty Japanese...
The journey itself wasn't all that comfortable either. I took a non AC bus on purpose 'cause I always end up freezing my ass off. Unfortunately, the bus was as rusty as my Japanese and the windows wouldn't want to cooperate when I tried shutting them. So it was really cold and quite windy, plus a very bumpy and curvy road, making you feel like you were gonna roll off your bed every 15 minutes. I was situated by the window and Alice was real scared of falling off, so I spent the whole night hugging her and making sure she stays put. I guess it wouldn't have been all that bad with the Japanese guy ;)

I arrived in Mapsa at around 9.30 and a CSer, whom I was going to travel with, had been waiting for me for 3,5 hours by then. We hopped on a bike, went to the hotel to leave our things and headed off for breakfast to Curlie's Shack in Anjuna. This is also the first Goan beach I got a glimpse of.

After breakfast we set off to Ashwem, where I got to enjoy a bit of the sun.
Palm trees leading to the beach next to a very well known French restaurant - La Plage.

The Ashwam beach

I think it's the last picture with my lovely sunglasses... Bought them on Lombok, lost them somewhere in Goa - they got blown off my head while on the bike. R.I.P.

I knew a recently met French friend of mine was in Goa at the same time but she was based in Vagator, a different area. I was discussing our evening plans with Brom, the CSer, and I found out we were planning to go to a club in that area. So I called Estelle and asked her if we could meet that evening.

You see that white board? I was on a towel right beside it. You see those sunbeds?
So, I'm on the phone with Estelle trying to figure out if we can meet in Vagator and she tells me she's not sure, as she's in a different part of Goa at the moment. "Really? Where?", "Well, I'm at this beach near La Plage". So I start laughing, get up and ask her where exactly. And then she starts laughing and gets off one of those sunbeds just couple of meters away from me.

La Plage - owned by a French lady, almost only white crowd, mostly Englishmen and Russians (those are freaking everywhere!). Amazing food, I cannot forgive myself for not taking pics - I guess I'll just have to go back there! The Calamari Spaghetti in Carbonara Sauce, Shrimp Carpaccio and Kingfish Sashimi...

Happy after the great meal and ready to see the next beach.

A typical shopping street in Goa.

As I've already mentioned - Goa seems to be a Russian colony. Me not likes.

The third beach I visited that day - Arambol.

If you walk a bit and pass some clothes stalls and restaurants, you'll arrive on another part of the beach, less people and commotion.

A lagoon where you can wash off the oceanic salt.

Enjoyed my book and some fruit salad on a sunbed.

On my way out I stumbled across a wedding ceremony! The Russian bride was all ready in her little white dress, prepared to say her "I do's" facing sunset on the beach. Not too bad, right?

Our first evening stop was Nine Bar in Vagator where we had some really good pizza. It was also my first visit to a trance party and tried dancing as I usually would to any other kind of music. A funny feeling.

After some food and a drink we visited the Saturday night market, with tens of stalls selling a variety of products ranging from spices,

to clothes, shoes, home accessories,

and a lot of deliciously smelling food. They also had a band up on the stage singing some oldschool rock songs.

Kids sleeping in one of the 'stores'.

Brom thought of partying in a place called Fresh, but the joint's more of a fancy and elegant beach restaurant than a club. So we decided to go to Curlie's again and party there. It's a two storey restaurant/cafe with a 'partyroom', behind those glass doors.

And so the long day was over.

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